Rules and Regulations

Continuous Internal Assessment Tests

  1. Internal evaluation is done based on the performance of the students in their mid semester exam / model exam, assignments etc.
  1. All students must compulsorily appear for mid semester exam / Model Examination. Retest shall be allowed only for those students who absented themselves after obtaining prior permission.
  1. If students are caught indulging in malpractice during Continuous Internal Assessment Tests/ Model Exams, the Malpractice Committee may award punishment up to the suspension of the delinquent student for one week.


  1. No student shall be allowed to appear for Practical Examinations without Record Note and such students shall be considered as absent.
  1. Students shall be considered to have appeared for that particular examination only if they appear for all the components stipulated for such Examinations.
  1. Leave on medical grounds will be granted only on production of a medical certificate from qualified medical practitioner. Such students, however, shall be treated as absent.
  1. Students having arrears in any subject shall be allowed to appear for the examinations in the subsequent semesters in the same scheme for a maximum of three years from the year of admission for regular students. Thereafter, the students having arrears shall have to appear for the equivalent papers, if available in the scheme in force. In case of students discontinued/ debarred from appearing for the semester examinations for want of attendance or any other reason, shall have to join the classes under the scheme in force.
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