Goals and Objectives

This institution has been named after the great Ramayana hero, Mahavir, also called Maruthi or Hanuman.  Maruthi who personified in himself, for Faith and devotion are essential factors in the development of strength in any individual.  Personal purity and devotion to a great cause are the necessary requisites for a healthy living.  And so it is only fitting that this institution is named after him.


The Concept of Physical education has changed in recent time.  It is now regarded as an integral part of a sound educational system, with the aim of the development of the whole individual through physical activity.  The college prepares students to develop health, wholesome use of leisure, high character, social sense, self discipline and aesthetic appreciation.  It has a large and fundamental part to play towards the evolution of a healthy, cheerful and purposeful living, physically wholesome, mentally stimulating and socially satisfying.  Physical activities are the tools in the hands of teachers for the education of the whole man.  Yoga is also taught with scientific outlook to suit the modern condition of our life.  Our folk dance and music provide opportunities to develop our culture.

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