1. Students will be allowed to stay only for that academic year.
  2. Students who willing to discontinue from the hostel has to pay the full fees.
  3. 1st instalment fees have to be paid at the time of admission itself.
  4. Social service is essential thing in the hostel life.  Students have to keep their rooms and surroundings clean.  For this duty will be allotted on the basis of rotation.
  5. Students who go out of the campus without the permission of warden the management college and hostel will be not be responsible if at all anything happened
  6. Students should not keep any costly items are well as excess money with them, else they are responsible for any loss.
  7. Students should keep their cupboards safely else recovery will be made for the repair work.
  8. Cell phone and radio are strictly prohibited within the campus.  It any one violate this they have to abide the disciplinary action taken by the management.
  9. Students who involve the activities which is against the name and fame of the college as well hostel will be dismissed from the college.
  10. Students have to attend evening prayer without fail.
  11. Students who wants to go to their native place for holiday have to get prior permission from the warden
  12. Student should not bring any outsiders to the hostel.
  13. Problems related to students final decision will be made by the management other students will not interfere in this regard.
  14. Students have to take bath only the stipulated time.
  15. With regard to disciplinary problem parents have to meet the Principal as well as warden if needed.
  16. Students will not be allowed to stay inside the hostel during the class hours, else action will be taken.
  17. When going to teaching practice in schools all have to go with their uniform, and they have to maintain discipline there too also they should not indulge any activities which effect the name and fame of the institution.



  1. Vegetarian food alone is provided
  2. Feed supplied only during the mess timings students have to maintain silence in the mess
  3. Water and food should not be wasted at any circumstances
  4. Mess fees reeducation will not be allowed
  5. Relatives/friends will be allowed in the mess only after getting permission from the warden.  Amount will be collected from the student for the same.
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