Students Mentoring System

  • Students Mentoring System (SMS) is a process that the faculty member can serve as a mentor, through which a faculty member may facilitate and assist in students’ development. The process includes modelling because the mentor must be able to model the messages and suggestions being taught to the students. SRMV MCPE has a Students Mentoring System (SMS) by conducting the Mentor-Mentee Meeting (MMM) once in each semester. Students Mentoring System (SMS) helps in making an effective relationship among students, teachers, and management. SMS is an appropriate program to get feedback from the students about the curricular aspects, teaching-learning and evaluation process, and participation in various sports and games.
  • The ultimate aim of the SMS is to provide a quality and needful physical education program by getting valuable feedback and suggestions from the students frequently.The mentoring includes cognitive teaching and sports coaching simultaneously. The mentors take care of the academic improvements of the students and also cultivate the teacher’s quality. Mentors concentrate on producing versatile Physical Education Teachers which will contribute to make “Fit India”.
  • The mentors motivate the students by following the Mantra that “Teachers are the Pillars of Our Nation”. The Mentors keenly watch the progression of the students, through scores in Continuous Internal Assessment tests and participation in various sports and games, service activities, and cultural activities. The SMS ensures positive changes among the students on different occasions. The mentor motivates the students to concentrate on Theory courses, Practicum courses, and Internships. The mentor clarifies the students’ doubts about the subjects and teacher skills. The mentor transforms his ideas and values to the students for the betterment of their life. The mentor concentrates on “Man Making Education” through a comprehensive curriculum. The mentor regularly monitors, counsel, guide and motivate the students in all academic matters.
  • Functions of Students Mentoring System (SMS)

  • All the teaching faculty serve as mentors for the specific number of students from the beginning of the academic year.
  • The details and functions of SMS are instructed to students during Students Induction Programme (SIP).
  • The mentors of each specified group will be displayed on the notice board.
  • The students can meet their respective mentors to discuss their needs which relate to curricular and co-curricular aspects by getting the permission well in advance.
  • A mentor can Conduct the Mentor-Mentee Meeting (MMM) once in each semester.
  • The following Agenda will be discussedin the MMM.

  • Feedback on teaching-learning and evaluation process.
  • Suggestions on Curriculum enrichment.
  • Discussion on learning resources.
  • Playground and equipment facilities.
  • Need for value education.
  • Remedies for slow learners.
  • Actions for advanced learners.
  • Recent trends in physical education.
  • Opportunities in Higher studies.
  • Preparation of SET/NET and TET.
  • Improving communicative and ICT skills.
  • Importance of self-study courses.
  • Brain storming on new ventures in sports
  • The mentorsmaintain the student’s attendance for active participation.
  • The mentors collect the data from the students and minute the discussions of the meeting.
  • The mentors discuss in the Staff Council about the feedback of the students during MMM for further improvement.


The annual leadership training camp of our college was conducted for our BPEd I year students from 30.09.2019 to 04.10.2019 at Vidya Vanam School, Anaikatty, Coimbatore.


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