Dr. Ch. VST. Saikumar

MPEd., M.Phil., Ph.D., NIS
(Diploma in Cricket)

EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN OUR COLLEGE In our institute, emphasis is given to the wholesome personality development of the students, not just concentrating only on the academics. By providing various opportunities and avenues, the students are being transformed into the teachers with values. With minimum fees, International standard facilities are being provided for the students. Sine our college is a physical education teacher training institute, by the time the students complete their Bachelors degree or Master degree they will be not just teachers but also good leaders who can inspire the student community.

All-round Development of Students The values-based integral education system rests on the five pillars, namely – academic (intellectual), physical, cultural, service and spiritual (devotional). Life at the campus starting from 6.00 a.m. in the morning until 7.00 p.m. in the night is strewn with a number of purposeful activities pertaining to these five pillars.

Intellectual DimensionThe intellectual dimension of the system comprises the academic inputs in the college related to their respective academic programmes; Theory classes, Seminars, Workshops, Science talent exhibition, Project sports meets etc.

Physical DimensionThe physical dimension of the system comprises sports, games, jogging, exercises and yogasanas, and a number of matches and competitions in various individual and team games and athletic events, spread across the entire semester. All these events help to keep the students physically and mentally fit and bring out the best of talents from within.

Cultural DimensionThe cultural dimension of the system includes celebration of various festivals of all religions demonstrating the unity of faiths, music, drama and dance, elocutions and debates and many more. All these events build a strong emotional quotient in the students and make them very good team players; even as they nurture their hidden and manifest talents.

Service DimensionCommunity living in the hostel propels students to cultivate the habit of regular selfless service. All dining sessions are managed and organised by students. Food is cooked by the cooks but arranging the food in the counters and serving the food is taken up by the students on a rotation basis daily. Apart from this, students engage in regular cleaning of their rooms, classrooms, upkeep of sports grounds, gardening and so on. Service activities like Swachh Bharat, a) making some impact on the village folk, and b) more importantly, sensitising the students to opportunities of service that lie before them.

Spiritual (Devotional) Dimension The spiritual (devotional) dimension of the system serves as the undercurrent for all the other dimensions. The components in their daily life, which inculcate in the students a sense of devotion to a higher power include Bhajans (Sankirtan) pertaining to all religions. The quintessence of this dimension is that it cultivates in the students a sense of humility and the spirit of dedicating all that they do everyday in their life as an offering to the higher power or the Lord. This ensures they put in their best in whatever they do, leading to excellence in action. A unique feature of this education system is that all the students have to necessarily integrate all the above five dimensions in their life at the College.


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